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Eyebrow Contouring Pen

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Eyebrow Contouring Pen 12.95 CHF Original price was: 12.95 CHF.7.45 CHFCurrent price is: 7.45 CHF.

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Type: Liquid Eyebrow Pencil

Long-lasting eyebrow pencil, painless tattoo

Color: light coffee, black coffee, brown coffee, gray

Net weight: 5 g

Features: durable and waterproof

Special 4-head prongs design, exquisitely contoured eyebrows

How to use

Normal eyebrow person:
Gently draw the outline of the eyebrows with a pen, and continue to color the inner part of the eyebrow pencil uniformly to draw natural eyebrows.

People with thin eyebrows:

First, swipe to outline the eyebrows, then gently define the eyebrows from the sparse area.

Finally, use the pen to fill the color evenly at a 45-degree angle to create the perfect 3D eyebrows

Additional information

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Red Brown, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Grey Brown, Black, Ash Brown